UNIKAT 408 Water Pitcher - Hand Painted by Jacek Chyla

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Located in Boiling Springs, just southwest of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, PotteryFaire is dedicated to providing the finest quality Polish stoneware products primarily from the Ceramika Artystyczna pottery factory of Boleslawiec, Poland. 



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Boleslawiec stoneware originated as folk art in the early 1800s.  It was created in the German province of Silesia, now a part of Poland.  Inspired by the peacock feather, farmers created a statement of strength and beauty in each piece of their tableware.  Today in a small village of Boleslawiec, Poland, skilled artists still individually handcraft and hand paint each piece of pottery using a hand-stamping technique and free-hand design.  Antique Boleslawiec stoneware can be seen in museums and in private collections throughout Europe.

Many cooperatives work in Boleslawiec today, but the finest stoneware is produced by the cooperative known as Boleslawiec Ceramika Artystyczna.  Each piece is stamped on the bottom with their noted seal.  Excellent craftsmanship is the trademark of Boleslawiec Ceramika Artystyczna.  Each piece is an individual artwork, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

Boleslawiec pottery is created from a white clay and fired at temperatures in excess of 3000 degrees. This stoneware is lead-free and cadmium-free and is safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave and oven. It is also impervious to abrasives. It is extremely durable stoneware and will not crack or chip easily. Boleslawiec stoneware IS NOT Pyrex or Corning Ware. Do not place it over an open flame. If food is frozen in the stoneware, it must be thawed before placing in the oven. Placing a frozen Boleslawiec casserole or dish directly in the oven will cause an extreme temperature change and may crack the stoneware. One of the largest pottery producers in Boleslawiec is the Ceramika Artystyczna factory. It employs several hundred workers. PotteryFaire features both UNIKAT and Traditional patterns of Ceramika Artystyczna pottery. You can browse our Traditional offerings by both shape and by pattern and you can browse our UNIKAT pieces by shape -- or by your favorite Artist. All pottery on this website is Factory Certified 1st Quality.


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